Five Differences Between Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets in New Jersey

We get it—bathroom vanities all seem to look the same, and kitchen cabinets often appear to lack creativity. It becomes tempting to switch them around, and if you find the perfect “bathroom cabinet” setup for your kitchen, why not use it? However, there are vast differences between kitchen and bathroom cabinets in New Jersey that do not make them interchangeable when you remodel your home. Here are five differences between them and some reassurance that, yes, you will find what you are looking for and your kitchen or bathroom remodel will be successful:

  • Depth: Bathroom cabinets are made for medication, toiletries and small styling items. Kitchen cabinets store plates, cooking supplies and large serving dishes, all of which require cabinet depth. The average depth of a bathroom cabinet is 21 inches, compared to the 24 inches of a kitchen cabinet. Those three inches make a big difference when you are stacking dishes or making room for that giant salad serving bowl.
  • Durability: Kitchen cabinets use heavy mounting material because dishes are heavy. You risk the cabinets collapsing if you decide you love those bathroom cabinets so much that you mount them in your kitchen. Your bathroom items are not heavy, so the mounting hardware for bathroom cabinets is not as durable. It is not possible to switch the hardware around without compromising structural integrity, so buy cabinets appropriate for the room.
  • Height: Manufacturers are starting to make bathroom cabinets taller, so homeowners do not have to bend down as frequently. However, most of the time, kitchen cabinets are 34 inches high and bathroom cabinets are set at 31 inches. Even if you prefer taller bathroom cabinets, you can find them without placing kitchen cabinets in your bathroom instead.
  • Footprint: Bathrooms are usually much smaller than kitchens, unless you have a particularly eccentric home. When you consider depth and height, kitchen cabinets simply take up more space. This can make a difference even in an expansive master bath, since they are usually never as large as your kitchen. But if you are remodeling a half bath or a full bath that barely gives you room to turn around, the footprint of bathroom specialty items will make the space issue easier to manage.
  • Different accommodations: You have different needs in kitchens and bathrooms, and cabinetry reflects that. Bathroom cabinets are built to accommodate plumbing, and sometimes extra electric outlets. Kitchen cabinets are made to withstand heavy kitchen items and the most you need to accommodate is electrical wiring for under-cabinet lights. Also, when discussing under-sink cabinets, the plumbing setup is different in kitchens compared to bathrooms. If you try to mix and match, there will be drilling and sawing in your future, and not all of it will be attractive or work well.

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How to Tell if Your Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey Need to Be Replaced

Although you may be the type of homeowner who regularly cleans their kitchen from top to bottom, there may come a time when you’ll need to replace those old kitchen cabinets instead of re-facing them. This could be for the better in cases where cabinets are damaged and no longer clean looking and beautiful. After all, your cabinets are subjected to hot steam, cooking food and even sunlight on a daily basis.

Here’s how to tell if your kitchen cabinets in New Jersey need to be replaced:

J&K Cabinetry

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Benefits of Updating Your Kitchen

Remodeling or renovating your kitchen may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a frightening affair. With the proper preparation and assistance from a locally owned and operated home supply store, you can make the process of updating your kitchen fun and enjoyable. In addition to keeping up with the latest stylistic trends, renovating your kitchen can help you make your home more livable. Investing in new kitchen cabinets in New Jersey is an exciting way to set your home apart, and ensure that your décor is capable of withstanding the tests of time.

If you are wondering where to begin with your prospective kitchen renovation, you should consult with a store selling kitchen cabinets in New Jersey. They can help you orient yourself and get your remodeling project off the ground. Even making a couple of small, subtle changes can tremendously alter the way that you think about and interact with your cooking space.

There are a number of benefits you will experience by investing in an updated and renovated kitchen, including:

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Essential Tips for Winter Lawn Care

Record-breaking cold snaps have been occurring all across the country over the past several weeks, meaning that now is the time to begin thinking about ways to keep your lawn healthy and safe during the winter months. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your lawn remains in tip-top shape throughout the entirety of the year. Purchasing the correct lawn equipment in New Jersey is one way to ensure that your grass lives to see another season.

Your lawn is a vital part of your home, and ensuring that it’s in prime condition is one significant way that you can enhance your property’s curb appeal and help it maintain its highest possible value. Working with qualified professional providers of lawn care equipment is the best way to keep your grass looking its absolute best.

Fall preparations

The best way to ensure that your lawn survives the winter is to properly prepare in the fall. When you are cutting your grass for the last time in the late autumn, you should crop it very tightly to the ground. Grass will continue to slowly grow throughout the late fall and early winter. Long grass makes ideal conditions for burrowing animals, like mice and voles, which can cause long-term damage to your lawn.

You should also aerate and fertilize your grass before winter descends. As the plugs break down into your soil throughout the winter, they will ensure that your property continues to look its very best. It’s also important to remove any leaves from your lawn before snow falls. As they degrade, they may become moldy, spreading diseases and creating splotches on your lawn.

Winter fertilizing

During the wintertime, you may or may not want to fertilize your lawn, depending on the type of grass you have planted. Certain types of grass, known as cool-season grasses, should be fertilized in the winter months. If you are unsure about when to fertilize your lawn, you should consult with an expert at your local purveyor of lawn equipment in New Jersey.

Keeping it clear

You should ensure that paths don’t form through your yard during the winter months. Because grass is weaker when covered with snow, it can be more easily damaged during the cooler seasons. Ensure that your lawn remains in the best possible shape by clearing pathways through the snow on your driveway and sidewalk as regularly as you can.

Additionally, avoid placing anything on your grass for extended periods of time. If snow and ice compact over your grass, it will cause it to yellow and not regrow effectively come spring.

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