Cast Wheel Loaders in Stewartsville, NJ

Along with BBQ grills, cabinetry, and lawn equipment, Sunshine Supplies NJ carries cast wheel loaders! If you’re in Stewartsville, Greenwich Township, or Warren County, NJ, contact us to learn more or get in touch with the below retailer. We’re New Jersey’s number-one supplier!
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Cast wheel loaders and compact articulating loaders are motorized equipment used to do some heavy lifting. They can be used in commercial or residential projects and can help you to perform work on the property as you move things around from one location to another. Most compact articulating loaders and cast wheel loaders begin at weights of approximately 4,000 pounds.

They are easy to drive and make contracting and landscaping projects get accomplished in much less time and money than it would take to move things around a property a different way.

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There are different kinds of loading machines that you can get for projects requiring heavy lifting. A very common kind is a traditional skid steer, but they are heavier and with larger engines. Cast wheel loaders have an easy ground impact and are friendly to nearly any kind of turf.

They offer excellent visibility from the driver’s seat and can travel up to 12 miles per hour. You will find that tire wear takes some time and there is a lower fuel consumption with this equipment than there is with other heavy lifting machines. On other equipment, tire wear and tear is faster and more visible, and this impedes the safety of the machine use much quicker than when using a compact loader.

The key benefit of a compact loader is its size. This loader has a small turn radius and can move in smaller spaces with much more stability than a tracked or wheeled skid steer. You are also going to see a lower hydraulic output in the rear seating of a compact articulating loader.


The cast loader industry is not large as there are very few suppliers available to get you the compact articulating loader ideal for your home, farm, or business. You want one with tires for any turf, that is sturdy enough for your loads. Choose the cast loader dealer that is best for you by choosing Sunshine Supplies NJ, the best cast loader dealer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We know how to make heavy lifting easy.

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