ATVs and UTVs in New Jersey

If you do a lot of hauling or have rough terrain to traverse, you know the critical importance of having an all-terrain vehicle handy. Sunshine Home Supplies is proud to be a reputable dealer of ATVs, UTVs and side-by-sides, enabling land owners of large tracts to get to work on their property without the barriers of terrain to constrain them.
Our available all-terrain vehicles come in a variety of sizes, with varying power options and features. We take pride in bringing you options from reputable name brands, including Massimo Motors. Browse all of the following options:



Looking to hit the back trails for some ATV fun? Need a swift way to traverse your property’s many terrain changes? We’ll help you take home an ATV that gets the job done—whether for business or pleasure! As a reputable ATV dealer in New Jersey, trust in our staff to help you make an investment that you’re sure to feel comfortable with.



For loading and transporting materials across any terrain, there’s no beating the versatility and utility of a UTV. Sunshine Home Supplies is an authorized UTV dealer in New Jersey, bringing you a full range of models for any capacity of work—whether you’re hauling firewood or spending the day tending to your farmland.

side by side


Need a two- or four-seater utility vehicle that has the power and versatility to make tracks across your terrain? We retail a number of side-by-sides in New Jersey that are well-equipped for the job. Let us walk you through each model, to help you understand features and benefits before you make a purchase.

atvWhen the terrain gets tough, the top hop on the back of an ATV or UTV and get moving! Sunshine Home Supplies wants to make sure you’re hitting the gas on a utility vehicle that’s right for your needs—be it personal recreation or daily work.

Stop in today to see our selection of utility vehicle options, or give us a call at 908-387-0847 for additional information about the brands and models we carry.