Essential Tips for Winter Lawn Care

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Record-breaking cold snaps have been occurring all across the country over the past several weeks, meaning that now is the time to begin thinking about ways to keep your lawn healthy and safe during the winter months. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your lawn remains in tip-top shape throughout the entirety of the year. Purchasing the correct lawn equipment in New Jersey is one way to ensure that your grass lives to see another season.

Your lawn is a vital part of your home, and ensuring that it’s in prime condition is one significant way that you can enhance your property’s curb appeal and help it maintain its highest possible value. Working with qualified professional providers of lawn care equipment is the best way to keep your grass looking its absolute best.

Fall preparations

The best way to ensure that your lawn survives the winter is to properly prepare in the fall. When you are cutting your grass for the last time in the late autumn, you should crop it very tightly to the ground. Grass will continue to slowly grow throughout the late fall and early winter. Long grass makes ideal conditions for burrowing animals, like mice and voles, which can cause long-term damage to your lawn.

You should also aerate and fertilize your grass before winter descends. As the plugs break down into your soil throughout the winter, they will ensure that your property continues to look its very best. It’s also important to remove any leaves from your lawn before snow falls. As they degrade, they may become moldy, spreading diseases and creating splotches on your lawn.

Winter fertilizing

During the wintertime, you may or may not want to fertilize your lawn, depending on the type of grass you have planted. Certain types of grass, known as cool-season grasses, should be fertilized in the winter months. If you are unsure about when to fertilize your lawn, you should consult with an expert at your local purveyor of lawn equipment in New Jersey.

Keeping it clear

You should ensure that paths don’t form through your yard during the winter months. Because grass is weaker when covered with snow, it can be more easily damaged during the cooler seasons. Ensure that your lawn remains in the best possible shape by clearing pathways through the snow on your driveway and sidewalk as regularly as you can.

Additionally, avoid placing anything on your grass for extended periods of time. If snow and ice compact over your grass, it will cause it to yellow and not regrow effectively come spring.

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